35% Off


You'll get access to 300 top brands, like Ortho Molecular and Pure Encapsulations, and over 20,000 health products, all at a 35% discount on MSRP, shipped right to your door.

Out-Of Country


As long as the medical Need meets the Guidelines for Medical Cost Sharing, these costs can be shared regardless of where they happen, even outside of the country.

Medical Cost


A solution to manage unexpected, large medical costs. Each month, our Members contribute to a Community Fund. The Community shares the costs of eligible medical expenses with individual Members that have a Need, after the Member pays for the amount they are responsible for. No profit is made on excess funds, they simply stay in the Fund ready for sharing with Members.



Every Member has access to Concierge service to assist them in utilizing services, locating healthcare providers, direct and virtual primary care, price shopping for medical care, price shopping for prescription medication and more. Because ease of use, transparency, and cost savings for our Members is essential.

Member Advocacy Team


We empower our Members to be educated and responsible for their health, but we could all use a little help. Out Member Advocates walk you through Managing medical Needs, as well as Medical Bill Negotiation on your behalf. We’re with you every step of the way

Freedom Of
Provider Choice


With Knew Health you will not be limited by networks. You have the freedom to choose your healthcare providers and your care. So no matter if you change jobs or you travel about the country, you get the care you choose and deserve.



There are no contracts or required lengths of Membership. So if you change jobs, move, or have other life changes, we adapt with you. That’s flexibility.



Consult with a licensed physician in your state via phone or video chat at any time for your health concern or a family member’s within minutes. That’s 24/7 and 365. Unlimited utilization with $0 consultation fees. There are even additional dermatology and behavioral health services. So you can avoid unnecessary trips to the ER or urgent care.

Free Health


Every Member receives free, personalized Health Coaching sessions every year to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals. Whether your goals are to sleep better, eat better, incorporate more exercise, or have a more positive outlook on life, our Health Coaches will help you set goals and create steps to help you achieve and maintain your goals.

Lab Work


Whether you are doing proactive testing or have directions from your provider, you can save big on individual tests, panels, and specialty kits.



The Bill Negotiation Team negotiates medical bills down to ensure that a fair and reasonable price is achieved. This not only ensures that the Medical Cost Sharing Community is sharing in the most reasonable price, but also ensures the lowest price for each individual Member.

Life Coaching


Every Member receives free, personalized Life Coaching sessions every year to support you in achieving your life goals. Whether your goals are related to work, aspirations or relationships, our Life Coaches will help you set goals and assist in steps to help you achieve and maintain your goals.

Discounted Health and Wellness Classes


Whether you’re looking to try guided yoga, meditation, or qigong classes, you’ll get access to these and more with your Knew Health Membership.

Second Opinions


You'll be able to consult with expert physicians to ensure that any new diagnoses or procedures are necessary and appropriate, giving you peace of mind and savings. When our Members utilize Second Opinions, the financial amount they are responsible for will be reduced with eligible medical Needs.



As a member you will receive educational resources on the topics of Diet & Nutrition, Fitness & Strength, Mindfulness and Goal Planning. Health is not strictly physical, but also emotionally and mentally. Our goal is for our Members to achieve holistic wellness.



With Knew Health there are no faith requirements, as there are with other Medical Cost Sharing groups. Simply enjoy the benefits of Medical Cost Sharing and being a part of a like-minded Community devoted to living a healthy lifestyle.

No Sharing Caps
or Maximums


There are no lifetime maximums, monthly caps, or other limitations on how much funding can be shared with a Member. And the amounts you are responsible amounts do not reset for existing Needs each year. You can continue to share in medical Needs that are ongoing, until they are resolved.



Maternity costs are eligible for Medical Cost Sharing with our Community as long as the estimated date of delivery is 1 year or after your Knew Health Membership begins. Maternity costs like prenatal care, delivery, postnatal care, and miscarriage are eligible for sharing regardless of marital status.

Special Savings
for Small to Medium
Sized Businesses


Businesses can save $1,500 per year or more, per employee by offering Knew Health Membership as an alternative to your existing Health Insurance options. Our model is simple and easy to use. The employees save too! Let us show you how.

Save big money on your health insurance costs.

Knew Health saves $1,500 per employee per year (PEPY) or more

Feeling squeezed by health insurance benefit costs?

Shopping around and getting nowhere can be exhausting and time consuming.

Would it be crazy to spend 15 minutes to address your problem a different way? Of course not.

Book your complimentary call now and see how Knew Health can improve the heath of your bottom line.

Reduce your Insurance Costs

Like most business and HR executives, you likely believe that health insurance is the only way to provide your staff with peace of mind when faced with financially damaging unexpected medical costs.

We know there's another way!

We employ a proven unique approach to delivering financial peace of mind along with health and wellness to our members. An approach that saves companies $1,500 per employee per year (PEPY) or more!

How we save you money

 We employ a proven medical cost sharing model that serves members that are between the ages of 18 and 64. Our members save by limiting our community to those under 65 as healthcare costs for this population is double the cost for those between 45 and 64 and triple the cost for those between 18 and 44.

As a part of our Medical Cost Sharing Community, all of our Members have access to education and tools that not only promote their unique health and wellness, but are dedicated to saving money through being an educated healthcare consumer.

As a part of our Community, all Members are cash-pay patients and we provide education and Concierge Support to ensure that they know how to speak with healthcare providers.

By being cash-pay, Members and their doctors are the main players, so Members understand their care and what reasonable prices are for that care. They price shop and often receive discounted rates for being cash-pay which helps our Community avoid inflated medical costs.

Medical Bill Negotiation services are built into the Membership to negotiate any medical costs over $1000, averaging 51% in cost reductions. All our members save when sharing these costs.

Medical providers and hospitals are happy to hear they can get paid what they expect; faster and with less hassle.

Our Members also recognize that expected health care costs, like yearly physicals, are costs that individuals can plan for and manage with the savings they receive through our Membership. They also utilize 24/7 telemedicine services (included with Membership) to avoid unnecessary, costly trips to the ER or urgent care.

All of our Members also have access to personalized Health Coaching, discounted supplements, and lab diagnostics, which provide day-to-day support so they can achieve their health and wellness goals. The healthier we all are, physically, mentally, emotionally, the more we decrease medical costs, enjoy life, contribute to a positive work environment, and are more productive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How come I've never heard of this/you?
  • We are pioneers operating at the intersection of health/wellness and financial protection
  • Limited marketing expenses
  • Industry "doesn't want you to hear about us"
  • We are different - Insurance brokers are either fearful of us or curious and want to add Knew Health to their portfolio to differentiate themselves from other brokers and to provide more value-added options to their clients.
  • We are carefully managing a balance of keeping member costs low versus spending a lot of money on marketing that would increase those costs.
  • It's a "twist" on medical cost sharing provided to millions of people through large christian ministries.
If my healthy people go to Knew Health won't my Health Insurance Costs go up?

They may, but if you do the math, the amount of increase to negate the savings is considerable. There are other creative strategies to employ here also. Call us

I've heard some bad stories about medical cost sharing

Yes, unfortunately there have been some greedy bad actors in this space. The industry was eager to promote them and push state regulators to exclude this approach in some states (Washington, New York, Vermont and Illinois).

Knew Health has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and received an A+ Rating. We know that one disgruntled member could lead to getting excluded from operating in a whole state ... the stakes are high for us to deliver a positive customer experience for thousands ... and we do.

Are payments to Knew Health a taxable fringe benefit ?

We are not qualified tax advisors or specialists and suggest you consult with your own advisor on this matter. You may also choose to review IRS Publication 15-B for 2020, page 5 that contains Fringe Benefit Exclusion Rules that include:

"Accident or health plan. This is an arrangement that provides benefits for your employees, their spouses, their dependents, and their children (under age 27 at the end of the tax year) in the event of personal injury or sickness. The plan may be insured or noninsured and doesn't need to be in writing."

Further, the 2021 Draft for Publication 15-B, released January 27, 2021 replaces that paragraph with the following:


This exclusion applies to contributions you make to an accident or health plan for an employee, including the following.

• Contributions to the cost of accident or health insurance including qualified long-term care insurance.
• Contributions to a separate trust or fund that directly or through insurance provides accident or health benefits."

Payments to Knew Health aren't subject to federal income tax withholding, social security, Medicare, federal unemployment (FUTA) tax, or Railroad Retirement Tax Act (RRTA) taxes and aren't reported on Form W-2. In alignment with Publication 15-B, Knew Health is an accident/health plan arrangement that provides benefits for your employees, their spouses, their dependents, and their children (under age 27 at the end of the tax year) in the event of personal injury or sickness. That said, we are not qualified tax advisors or specialists and suggest you consult with your own advisor on this matter.

Is there a "contract" for provider payment, like the one that exists with Insurance companies ?

No, there is no legal contract between the members and Knew Health. Our sharing model is based on an arrangement whereby our members (potentially, you) voluntarily agree to share medical expenses.

We do have guidelines for sharing to protect the Community and an appeal process, if needed. If our cost sharing administrator decides a need is not shareable, for some reason, a member (supported by a Knew Health member advocate) can appeal that decision to seven (7) random members of our Community. If three (3) of the seven believe the need should, in face, be shared then it is.

How does that compare to your experience(s) with insurance companies?

Why didn't my broker tell me about this ?

Many do not know a Knew Health option exists, even in the industry. We are carefully managing a balance of keeping member costs low versus spending a lot of money on marketing that would increase those costs. Insurance brokers are either fearful of us or curious and want to add Knew Health to their portfolio to differentiate themselves from other brokers and to provide more value-added options to their clients.

Does this qualify under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requirements?

No, it is not a substitute for insurance as defined by the Affordable Care Act and therefore does not meet the requirements by itself. Some organizations choose to pair this with a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan.

Here's how we protect your people

At Knew Heath we work hard to make things simple. Simple for our Community of members and simple for you. Should you choose to add Knew Health to you benefit offerings, all you need to do is let us know. From there we will work with you to make your staff aware of who we are, what we do and how we are different.

We know we are not for everyone, we will help your staff make informed choices. If there are questions, you can refer people to our support team. We just need basic information about your staff that would like to become a member of our Community and you can call or email us with any changes. We invoice your organization monthly and employee paid contributions can be made like you are doing now for health insurance. As an addition benefit for your organization, we would like to get contact information for all of your staff, even those for whom Knew Health is not a good fit for. We will include them in our health and wellness education programs too - a popular benefit our members enjoy. No effort to you. Your staff will appreciate you for it and the owners will love you for the big cost savings!

See Knew Health From Your Staff’s Perspective.

Knew Health Membership Advantages

Comparison Chart

Cost Sharing

Your Alternative

Medical Cost

Concierge Service

Member Advocacy

Freedom of Provider Choice

Sharing of Out-of-Country Medical Expenses

Month-to-Month Commitment

24/7 Telemedicine

Free Health

Highly Discounted Lab Work


Free Life

Discounted Health and Wellness Classes

35% off Supplements

Expert Second Opinions

Educational Resources

Inclusive (no faith requirements)

No sharing caps or maximums

Maternity sharing regardless of marital status

Special Savings for Small to Medium Sized Businessess

Don’t just take our word for it

As an owner of multiple companies and advisor to other CEO/owners for more than 30 years, I feel, first-hand, the relentless financial pressure on organizations today.  I share the sickening feeling and stress when the quote for health insurance cost comes in and the feeling of helplessness in the search for better news, “somewhere”.  I’ve participated in the frantic, painful phone calls, “what can we do”?, “can we raise our prices”?, “what expenses do we cut”?, “who do we have to let go”?

Through a friend I was introduced to Knew Health.  Frankly, I had never heard of it or its approach to wellness and financial protection.  I was shocked by the money to be saved and open to trying something, almost anything, different.  I thought about the risks/downsides and explored, “what could go wrong?”, “how could this come back and bite me?”, “how hard will it be to try?”.  I learned that much of the savings comes from not accepting members over 64 and not having the people and systems overhead needed to comply with insurance industry regulations.  Savings comes from just being simple. Made total sense to me. I considered my costs to move forward.  Implementation was literally an email with basic information and my commitment was for 30 days at a time.  I pulled the trigger to move forward with cautious optimism.

After a few months of seeing considerable savings and hearing about the positive experiences when interacting with the Knew Health member services team, I felt a weight off my shoulders. I now recommend Knew Health to every business owner I come in contact with.  It’s one of the fastest, easiest, lowest risk ways to help a company survive, build valuation and even grow during these challenging times I have ever encountered.

Eric Jacobs

Serial Entrepreneur, Inc. 500/5000 & Fast 50 CEO, Executive Coach

"Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped CEO’s and startups develop winning and market moving strategies while navigating the many “landmines” of business.  When introduced to Knew Health, it seemed too good to be true. I was suspicious and wary of their very different approach to financially protecting an organization’s staff from painful medical expenses. I, personally, became a member – what a difference from my experiences with health insurance companies!  I heartily recommend adding Knew Health membership as a benefit option. It’s not for everyone, but, even if some in your business choose Knew Health, you’ll quickly free up cash to survive and grow with little effort."

Brett Pfeffer

Partner, Vital Edge Solutions and Executive Coach

Serial Entrepreneur, Inc. 500/5000 & Fast 50 CEO, Executive Coach

Benefits to Businesses


Offer uncommon benefits to personally help staff and their families save money, be well, get the health services THEY want.


Save up to $1,500 per employee per year. Get started within a few minutes and start saving.

Support Remote Staff

 As there are no networks, Knew Health members can receive shareable services anywhere in the US and even when on international travel.*

Frictionless Onboarding

Easy adoption, maintenance, and concierge support for any company. Easily add Knew Health to your business within a few minutes. We work your way.

No Cost Wellness Education

We offer this to all of your employees regardless of their Knew Health membership status.


Say goodbye to recruiting challenges due to not having a desired practitioner in your network. With Knew Health, there is no network and your recruits desired practitioner is available.

Low Risk

There are no downsides to offering Knew Health as a value add.

Join Anytime

Join whenever you want to start saving money on health insurance costs. There is no open season.

*Membership available to your full-time, part-time and even consulting staff residing anywhere in the US except for NY, IL, VT, and WA.

Talk to a business support specialist to learn more about how Knew Health can save you money.

Get an Accurate Quote for Your Business