How We Protect You Financially From The Unexpected


Select Your Initial
Unsharable Amount


Maintain Your
Health & Wellness


Encounter Unexpected
Medical Needs


Get Covered and only Pay Your Initial Unsharable Amount

Select Your Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA)

This is the amount that you will be responsible for if you have a medical need. Each month you will contribute your affordable share to the Medical Cost Sharing Community Fund  which will help pay both the medical bills of yourself and other members.

The Initial Unshareable Amount occurs per individual Need, but these are capped to limit the impact on you. Individuals will pay no more than 3 IUAs per year. Families will pay no more than 5 IUAs per year.

Maintain Your Health & Wellness

As a positive, wellness-focused Member, you’ll gain access to free and personalized health coaching, discounted supplements, and 24/7 telemedicine on a regular basis. By devouting ourselves to holistic wellness, we’re more likely to avoid chronic, expensive health conditions.

Deal with Unexpected Medical Needs

As a savvy Knew Health Member, you know that unexpected injuries, like a broken leg, are eligible for Medical Cost Sharing. So you compile your medical bills and submit them for sharing online through your Knew Health Portal

These medical costs are then reviewed to confirm they are eligible for sharing. Once that's confirmed, the Bill Negotiation steps in, averaging 57% reduction in medical bills.

Pay Your Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA)

You’re responsible for your Initial Unshareable Amount. So you’re ready to cover this portion of your costs and the Medical Cost Sharing Community shares the remaining balance with you. You pay your medical bills and you’re all set! Back to your healthy lifestyle, while you continue to help other Members in their times of medical need too.

Invest in a Healthier You.

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